Coach Eddie gave me the opportunity to grow and succeed and eventually find the perfect fit for me as I continue my baseball career.  I can't thank him enough.

Thank You Coach Eddie and ProBound USA Baseball for helping me find a great school to play at the next level.  You have helped me grow as player and mold me since 7th grade, mentally, and physically.  You helped me get noticed by colleges and eventually land an offer with Hillsborough Community College

​​"Finding a college to play baseball can be a difficult process,  finding a scholarship is almost as hard as getting drafted."   

Scholarships for baseball aren’t as abundant as they are in other sports.  Colleges today are committing players as early as 8th and 9th grade, if you are a Senior or Junior in High School, you are already behind the eight ball.  Urgency is of most importance,  your window of opportunity is almost closed.  Roster spots are few, you must be in the right place at the right time to have a chance.  At PBUSA Baseball Our ultimate goal is to find a college for you to play.  Our Scouts have positioned themselves by creating good relationships with many college coaches.  We are not afraid to go to bat for our players, not only to get a roster spot but get scholarships funds as well.  We believe every player with talent should play at the next level.  Our scouts have a good idea who can and cannot play and colleges coaches respect that.   We are dedicated to holding your hand and walk you through the process, our dedication to the player shows in our results, and we are proud to share them with you. We have a process in place, We Educate, we Evaluate, We Certify, and We built a Video Showcase for coaches to see the player at their best.  We promote the player to over 800 colleges and universities nationwide.  Coaches are contacted personally either by phone, e-mail or text and we continue to contact them until the mission is accomplish and recruitment takes place.   We are a personal service who's job is to sell you as a player, personal communication is how we do it.  We use technology but with a personal touch.  You will be work directly with me Eddie Marrero or one of our Scouting directors in your area, until you put on a uniform.   See you at the Yard.    

2016 Commit to Western Texas College D1 JUCO

 Thank you Coach Eddie and ProBound USA baseball for the help on my recruiting and training. Coach Eddie has been and amazing guide through this whole process and I'm glad that he has been apart of this, journey.

​Dan Clancy  FAMU D1  2018 Committ

2016 Commit to Spoon River College IL


At ProBound USA Baseball our goal is to make the player better and train him to his highest potential, through drills, repetition and position specific instruction.  We begin with an initial evaluation pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting the best course of action and position to take for a successful baseball career.  Whether High School, College or Pro, ProBound USA Baseball has the training program for you.  Since 2013 seven players have signed Minor League contracts, 2 have made it to the 40 man roster, 10 players have signed with the ABL (Australian Baseball League) over twenty players have signed Pro Contracts and fifteen players earned scholarships to college and universities.  We work with players from all over the world, USA, Puerto Rico, Japan, Venezuela, Italy and Korea.

"I just want to give a big thank you to Eddie Marrero for believing in me and helping me advance myself to the next level of baseball! "

"Thank you Coach Eddie and PBUSA Baseball

for making my dream come true"

2016 Commit to Savanah State D1 NCAA

Baseball Showcases Training & Evaluations

" I couldn't feel more blessed and thankful for this goal achieved. It's a feeling I just can't describe and the beginning of too many positive things and changes in my life. Thanks Eddie Marrero for helping me and believing in me"